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Question & Answers

ANTONY AMBIKILE NSOJOSwali: Hivi uamuzi wa kuinvest kwenye campuni fulani huwa unaangalia vigezo gani? Nahisi kuna shida kwenye uchaguzi wa wapi pa kuwekeza.
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Jibu: Uamuzi wa kuwekeza katika kampuni fulani unategemea na aina ya kampuni, mtaji unaohitajika katika kampuni husika.
HALIMA DIWANI MSANGIQuestion: Why electronic meeting?
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Answer: Due to COVID-19 disease outbreak and the whole world suffering from pandemic, we are taking measures to ensure safety of our shareholders by reducing social gatherings and maintaining social distancing.
DISMAS CYRIL MACHAQuestion: my concern is based on the share dividend, I didn’t get the first dividend like other members. I don’t know what happened for me not involved from beginning. I paid my dividend for the second time soon after submitting my bank account. What was the problem?
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Answer: Initially dividend was paid directly through post office. Due to challenges arising from paying dividend through postal address we have opted to pay dividend through bank.