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About us

We’re a global stakeholder relation and investment company.

NICOL was initially formed in 1999 . Its main goal is to economically empower ordinary citizens by acquiring a stake in the economy of Tanzania through joint ownership in viable economic ventures.


Our Investments

Government Securities

Our team understands how to effectively invest in fixed income instruments to capture the yield potential of government bonds. NICOL has invested TZS 14 billion in government bonds.


Our team of seasoned investment professionals is well-positioned to identify value across listed companies. In our portfolio, NICOL PLC has Invested over TZS 50 billion in 9 listed companies. In our portfolio, NICOL has invested over TZS 60 billion in 9 companies listed at the stock market.

Real Estate

Tanzania’s real estate sector is mainly driven by strong and sustainable growth and the fast-growing Tanzanian population estimated to be 61 million people. NICOL PLC has invested over TZS 1 billion in the real estate sector to capture the increasing demand in the urban housing market.


Our Investment Sectors

Financial Institutions

NICOL has invested in the largest commercial banks in Tanzania in terms of market size and financial performance. It has invested in NMB Bank and CRDB Bank. In NMB Bank, NICOL owns 5% of the issued shares.


Telecommunication sector is one among the fast-growing sectors in Tanzania. NICOL owns one million shares in Vodacom Tanzania PLC and continues to look for other investment opportunities with growth potential in information communication and technology sector.


Industrial Sector is essential in development and growth of the economy. NICOL has invested in several manufacturing industries including Tanzania Cigarette Company (TCC), Tanzania Breweries (TBL), Tanzania Portland Cement (Twiga Cement) and Tanga Cement Company (Simba Cement)

Real Estate

In Real Estate, NICOL has invested in construction of their own office building which will cater for inhouse use and lease office space to other companies.

Money Market

In money markets, our investment portfolio comprises of treasury bonds, treasury bills, and fixed deposits.


NICOL aims to expand its scope of investment into other sectors which will enhance profitability and add value to its shareholders.

Meet our stakeholders behind our company progress and achievements.

All of our stakeholders have to have the right seat at the table, and they all have to be successful. It’s hard to do, but you have to keep our eye on developing a meaningful relationship where it is beneficial for them. Then you work backwards from there.

Questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to COVID-19 disease outbreak and the whole world suffering from pandemic, we are taking measures to ensure safety of our shareholders by reducing social gatherings and maintaining social distancing.
Your dividends has paid through your NMB account. Dividend for the year 2016 paid on 8 march 2019 amount 71,250.year 2017 paid on 11 march 2019 amount 74,100.Year 2018 paid on 28 December 2019.year 2020 paid on14 December 2020 amount 28,500.
NICOL has both local and foreign shareholders. We use Swahili and English when communicating with our shareholders.